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Moto Guzzi 500 Bicilindrica 1933-1951

Moto Guzzi 500 Bicilindrica 1951

Moteur bicylindre en V à 120°, 500 cm3
Puissance: 56ch à 8.000 tr/min
Poids: 145 Kg
Vitesse: plus de 210 Km/H

La 500 bicylindre fut créée en 1933 par Carlo Guzzi.

En 1935, Stanley Woods remporta le Tourist Trophy.

Ce fut la première moto de course dotée d'une suspension arrière.

Durant sa très longue carrière, de 1933 au milieu des années 50, elle remporta 64 victoires en GP et fut 7 fois championne d'Italie.

French text: Thomas Bersy

1951 Specification

500cc 120 ° V-twin engine
OHC, 494cc 68x68mm b/s.
Power: 56hp at 8,000 rpm
Weight: 145 Kg
Speed: over 210 km/h
(Specs also given as 50hp, 155kg, 220kph)

The Bicilindrica (twin-cylinder) 500 2C was designed in 1933 by Carlo Guzzi, who reputedly mated a pair of Albatross 250 engines resulting in a 120 degree V-twin in much the same manner as did Phil Irving a few years later.

In 1935 it gained rear suspension and was the first Moto Guzzi racer to do so. That year, Stanley Woods won the IOM Tourist Trophy Senior race.

During its very long career, from 1933 to the mid-1950s, it won 64 GP victories and took the Italian Championship 7 times.

Sources: Thomas Bersy, Phil Aynsley, et al.

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