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Moto Guzzi 250 Gerolamo 1938-1939

Moto Guzzi 250 Gerolamo 1938

Photograph by Phil Aynsley

Moteur monocylindre 1 ACT

250 cm3 + Compresseur Cozette

Puissance: 40ch à 8.000 tr/min

Poids: 130 Kg

Vitesse: plus de 200 Km/H

Afin de contrer les Benelli et DKW de Grand Prix, Guzzi lance la 250 à compresseur dite Gerolamo.

Au GP D'Allemagne 1939, les deux 250 à compresseur de Pagani et Sandri réalisent le doublé sur le terrain de leurs rivales.

Cette moto s'adjugea également pas moins de 34 records de vitesse !

French text: Thomas Bersy

250cc OHC Single with Cozette Compressor

Power: 38-40hp at 8,000 rpm on benzine, 48hp on methanol

Weight: 130 Kg
Max. Speed: over 200 km/h

In order to counter the Benelli and DKW Grand Prix machines, Guzzi launched the supercharged 250 Gerolamo.

Nello Pagani won the 1938 Italian Championship and placed 3rd in the Milano-Taranto, and at the 1939 German GP Pagani and Sandri came in first and second against the competition.

In addition to performing well on the racetrack, the Gerolamo achieved 34 world speed records.

Source: Thomas Bersy

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