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Moto Guzzi LM3 Stucchi Special

Guzzi Sports Specials

These 8 valve specials were photographed in Sydney in the late 1980's. They have KCS heads, 950cc capacity, Stucchi bodywork and many other modifications. One has Dell'orto 40mm carbs, the other uses Bing magnesium 44mm carbs. Both were products of a small Guzzi workshop in Balmain run by a German chap who rode overland to Australia on a motorcycle with sidecar. 

The engine from one was transplanted into an early Linto-framed LM1 style cafe-racer built in Wentworth Avenue by Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers and which was still in daily use in 2008. It was named Pterodactyl.

This was a classic machine with souped up engine and suspension and brakes and bodywork and sounded just amazing - the project started with a fancy stainless exhaust system made on the Central Coast, and six years later it started first kick. It was a flying dinosaur.

The engine and transmision were rebuilt using Carello rods, a lightened flywheel, improved clutch and straight cut gearbox. The final drive had a an 8:1 ratio (std is 7:1). The Tonti frame was from an 850T - this was used so that it could be registered without the need for indicators.