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Moto Guzzi Gambalunghino 250 GP 1949-1952

Moteur monocylindre 1 ACT
246.8 cm3
Puissance: 25ch à 8.000 tr/min
Poids: 120 Kg
Vitesse: plus de 180 Km/H

Cette 250 est en fait une évolution de l'Albatros, dont le moteur à arbre à cames en tête est ici monté dans la partie cycle de la Gambalunga.

Elle obtient de bons résultats en Grand Prix, mais aussi établit de nombreux records de distance en 1950 et 1951.

Elle laisse sa place à la 250 Bialbero en 1952.

French text: Thomas Bersy

Gambalunghino Specification (1952)
246.8cc SOHC Single cylinder engine
Power: 25hp at 8.000rpm
Weight: 120 Kg
Max. Speed: over 180 km/h

The 250 Gambalunghino (Little Long Legs) was introduced in 1949, an evolution of the 250 Albatross.

It achieved excellent results in Grand Prix, and also established many distance records in 1950 and 1951. Factory riders include Bruno Ruffo (winner 1949 and 1951 250cc World Championships) and Enrico Lorenzetti.

It was succeeded in 1952 by the 250 Bialbero, but privateers continued to race the Gambalunghino for many years - in 1962 Arthur Wheeler achieved a remarkable 3rd place in the World Championships, with Jim Redman and Bob Macintyre taking 1st and 2nd riding for the Honda team. Wheeler's machine benefitted from a Ken Sprayson frame, he of "Featherbed" fame.

A fine example of this model is displayed at the Sammy Miller museum.

Sources: Sammy Miller Museum, Thomas Bersy

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