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As with any research into history, information and pictures are drawn from various sources, the "Maely Story" is no different and several people were involved in gathering the Story.

My Thanks To the Following:

An American machine restorer who by chance was currently restoring a MK1 Maely, many thanks for all the information and pictures. Bob was also able to contact Ken directly and iron out those bits of the story that we weren't sure of or didn't quite fit. This Page would not be complete without viewing Bob's work, so take a look at The Matchbox Pages.

BEN LUDOLPHY: (Above Left)
From the Netherlands, whose collection of engine/machine related material and endless knowledge of the same got me interested in these Pages. The information and pictures of the MK2 are all courtesy of Ben.

IAN PATTERSON: (Above Right)
Another machine Restorer, this time from Scotland who himself has one of the early MK1 engines. I was to have the pleasure of visiting Ian in May, 1998 and many of the pictures contained within the "Workshop" are from his astounding collection.

The Netherlands, America, Scotland and England ... truly International Pages ....
My deepest thanks to them all .... and of course to Ken Maely himself for his chapter in the "History of Speedway".

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