Automoto Motorcycles

Automoto Motorcycles

Automoto Logo

Made in France, 1901-1962

From 1901 to 1931 the company's office address was:

Société des Cycles Automoto
55 av. de la Grande Armée
PARIS (17°)

The factory was in Saint-Étienne, Loire.

Originally owned by Chavanet, Gros, Pichard et Cie 1 (1901-1918), pioneer manufacturer Automoto built robust machines powered by proprietory engines from Blackburne, Chaise, Zurcher, JAP and Villiers, and after WWII mainly French AMC 250cc OHV engines and Aubier-Dunne two-strokes. Gearboxes supplied by Burman, Chaise, JAP and Peugeot.

Automoto built their own engines in the early years, and these were supplied to English manufacturer Acme.

The factory merged with the Peugeot group in 1931 and manufacture ceased in 1962.

Peugeot-built models included:

  • 1949 Type AS (125 cm3)
    1951 Type AVL (125 cm3)
    1955 Type APGL (125 cm3)

Full list: Peugeot Automoto Models

Model notes

  • The Automoto A17 was produced in 1930, 31, 32, 33 and possibly 1934.
    The AL9 was produced in 1929, and from at least one report 1930.
    The A9 350cc SV was built 1929-1932
    A12: 1928-1931

Automoto Company Information

  • 1901-1918 Chavanet, Gros, Pichard et Cie. Saint-Étienne, Loire
    1919-1939 SA des Constructions Mechaniques de la Loire, Saint-Étienne, Loire
    1945-1950 Société Automoto. 62 Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris
    1951-1958 Terrot-Automoto, Beaulieu, Valentigney, Doubs
    1959-1962 Établissements Terrot SA, 2 Rue Colomban, Dijon (offices), and 59 Avenue de Rochetaillée, Saint-Étienne (factory).

Sources: JLB Creations, et al

rosewitcher at live.com
automoto ad 125
Hello, help please. I have what I believe is an Automoto AD 125?? I'm not sure. Please could you help me identify what this lovely little bike is? I am also struggling to find the year of manufacture. There does not seem to be much information out there that is not in French. I have attached some pictures.
Thank you in advance.
Essex, UK
  • Engine number: ?125 / R19638
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ianrawlings1 at googlemail.com
CBA furet 1956
Hi I've just bought a furet to restore
Can you please give me as much information has possible please like standard production colours and graphics if you can.
Thank you very much ian
Ian rawlings

Mon Jun 12 2017
brianinman19 at gmail.com
a8 confort
where can I buy a manual for the automoto a8 confort
west yorkshire,england

Tue Apr 18 2017
zen-47 at hotmail.fr
sarah zen-47 at otmail.fr
bonjour pourriez vous me donnais l années de la moto marque automoto 250cc type A12

Hello could you give me the years of motorcycle brand automoto 250cc type A12

  • A12: 1928-1931

Sat Oct 15 2016
mkaravasili at btinternet.com
How many Automoto 24's still exist
Automoto A24 S Tourisme
How many Automoto A24's exist.
What was the production year Year and production figures unknown. Currently extensive searches reveal no information at all, not even the existence of such a model. Ed.

Thank you for the taking time to look into the history of my Automoto motor cycle.
I believe that a lot of Transport in France was destroyed during the country's occupation in WW2 more so as the retreating army left.
The surviving Motorcycles, cars and Trucks etc were either very carfully hidden and more than likely used for French resistance activity.
The FFI Civilian French army which was activated at the time of the D day certainly commissioned anything that moved including captured enemy transport.
I intend to visit the Automoto factory museum to try to glean further information including some technical spec for the Engine.
So far I've relied entirely on my 30 odd years Experience as a Porsche engineer to bring the bike back to life after lying inactive since the nineteen sixties.
Its not been stripped and restored but remains in very original condition incidentally.
Kind regards
Michael Karavasili

Thu Mar 31 2016
alangmorley1 at aol.com
French Motorcycle
Automoto 125 AD 1951

I have purchased a 1951 Automoto 125 AD, do you know where I can get information/literature on it
derby, England

Wed Oct 14 2015
guido.lippi at gmail.com
Service Manual
Automoto AV125
I'm looking for a service manual for the Villiers D10 Type T43 semi block engine, do you know where I can organize one ?
Greetings from Switzerland

Thu Aug 27 2015
Stevieadd20 at yahoo.co.uk
Maintenance Manual
Automoto 125/175 convertion 1952
I've recently bought my Automoto from France and I'm in desperate need of a maintenance manual. I believe it's been converted to a 175 for stroke with a foot pedal gear change. Can anyone help please.
Many thanks. Stevie
N/E England. Teesside


Sat Aug 02 2014
automotoclub at aol.com
Automoto models
Automoto MF4
This is an 1927 Automoto MF4 175cc sport. Does anybody have any colour pictures or tecnical information for it.

Tue Apr 08 2014
executivwash at gmail.com
Electrical system
Automoto 1954 100cc AMC
Hi, I am restoring a 1954 Automoto and need the complete electrical system.
Can you help?
Funchal, Portugal

Wed Jul 03 2013
m.lanini AT ibimet.cnr.it
automoto A3 entretube 350cc

I have A3 model y.1928/29
Italia, Florence city

Mon Jun 24 2013
Front Mudguard Logo
Automoto A9
Good morning,

I am currently restoring the only Automoto bike in South Africa, so I do not have any people I can speak to. I am looking for a photo of the logo that goes onto the front mudguard of the bike. I would appreciate it if you can supply me with any help.

I have attached a photograph of the bike, prior to stripping for restoration.

Kind regards,

Garth Edwards
South Africa


Thanks for the reply. The Automoto is a 1928. I now have her completely stripped and am busy getting the dents out of the tins. The tank is going to be my biggest challenge as it is fairly rusted inside.

Kind regards,

Thu Oct 18 2012
Bjr recherche roue AR ou moyeu tambour droite et gauche
automoto automoto environ1928
Bjr recherche roue AR ou moyeu tambour droite et gauche

Wed Oct 12 2011
Automoto c. 1929
automoto no idea 175cc
looking for info : model/ year etc

Sat Nov 27 2010
automoto a9
Sono in possesso della seguente moto, avete della documentazione da mandarmi? Anche le scede tecniche. Ringrazio anticipatamente


Sat Apr 10 2010
1928 ?
Hello im Intr . in maschine parts and caburator needed help
Dresden , germany

Sat Feb 20 2010
josepbo at hotmail.es
Automoto 100 AM
Necesito informacion sobre una Automoto 100 AM con motor Villiers 98 cc. Gracias.

Thu Sep 10 2009
davidl at finditondot com
Automoto AL9
I uploaded a few years ago my A9 Photo Derilict. I now have it on the road although not totally original. Success in the 2009 Banbury run (entry 126)
Oxford, UK

It's registered 1930. Unfortunately the front forks are not correct for the machine so I will have to make do for the time being. Its 350cc with a Campbell three speed Gearbox, AMAC Carb. On its first out (The rose of the shires run by Sunbeam owners club) it broke down about 10 miles from the end with a stripped Tappet bolt. I fixed that and took it on the Banbury Run and it completed it with no problems. So I am quite happy with the result. I even managed to be filmed by someone and it's on You tube (Banbury Run 2009) and I got my photo on the first page of the Banbury run website.

All the best

David Loveridge

Mon Aug 03 2009
hansoverveld at hotmaildot com
Automoto Grand Raid
I have a automoto grand Raid with Chaise 500 ohc
need pictures of lubrication pipes on the cilinderhead
can anyone help

Fri Dec 05 2008
heurlin.thierry at neuf.fr
automoto all models

The book is listed in the publications section. Ed.

Sat Nov 29 2008
cyclomar56 at orange.fr
recherche boite a vitesse
automoto annee 1928 cylindree175cc
recherche boite a vitesse automoto annee 1928 cylindree 175cc cordialeent

Mag-speed 175cc Automoto years 1928 Mag-speed Automoto years 1928 CYLINDER CAPACITY 175cc 

Fri Oct 31 2008
laurentmartinaud at orange.fr
Automoto tout modèle
je recense tout les modèles Automoto depuis 1992
Pour tout renseignement
envoyer type,n° de cadre et moteur, année

Thu Jul 17 2008
cr33217 at telenet.be
The brand "Automoto"
all all
Hi Sheldon, here I'am again.
The site of the Automoto club of France
motos.automoto.ifrance.com (404)
greetings from Belgium,

Michael Reyntjens

Sun Mar 09 2008
a.verdam1 at chello.nl
Automoto pictures
Automoto A 9
Here are some pictures of my recently restaurated Automoto A 9 from ca.1930

Fri Apr 13 2007
eu at emanuelbarbosadot com
Mistery 1920's motorcycle
Hello, I own a 1910/1920's motorcycle but I don't know the brand. I was told that it was an AUTOMOTO 175cc but I'm not sure. Can you please help me to identify it? Thanks!
Porto, Portugal
Turns out the bike is a Thomann Monovitesse...

Wed Mar 21 2007
grahamwatts at postmaster.co.uk
automoto 125cc 1952
please can I have help with information about this motocycle and manuals fot automotos
Have you any images
automoto 125 1952
help with information about motocycle and manuals for the above motocycle
regards gpw

Wed Dec 13 2006
emanuelbarbosa at yahoodot com
Automoto 1920
I have an AUTOMOTO from 1920's but no idea about the model - it seems to be 175 cc but I'm not 100% certain. Can somebody help me with images? where can I get parts? I live in Portugal

Sun Dec 03 2006
Davidl at finditondot com
Rebuilding + information
Automoto AL9
I Have an Automoto AL9 in need of total restoration. This is coming along slowly but any contacts with advise / spares would be appreciated. I have quite a lot of information on Automotos in general and a parts book for the A9. Would be happy to share this information.

Tue Oct 10 2006
amg at fastwebnet.it
Automoto with motor P109
Please need help with this motorcycles!
I need photos,year of built, where to find spare parts etc.etc

Mon Jul 24 2006
caroline.gunston at tiscali.fr
auto moto125mc
please can you help me. I have bought an automoto type 125mc motorcycle. Can you tell me if any owners club exsists for these machines, because I need some spares, many thanks, Barry Selwood

Fri May 19 2006
bikemanjase at hotmail.co.uk
Dont Know but 200cc
Automoto, seen at Thorney steam weekend 13th May 2006
Thorney, England

Mon Oct 24 2005
terrybarns at btinternetdot com
have just come across automoto motorcycle in England,
lable on frame says Type 130CH No. 015932. French reg 622-AJ-07. can you help identify etc. Thanks Terry

Wed Jun 15 2005
amg at fastwebnet.it
dove posso trovare fotografie relative ad AutoMoto con motore P109?

Translation: where I can find photographs related to AutoMoto with P109 motor?

If you have a query about Automoto motorcycles, or can help with information or history about these classic French motos, please contact us

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