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1929 Matchless R3 250

Matchless 1929


(Two Port.)

In this new "Matchless" Model there is offered for the first time a real two-port Sports machine at a price within the range of the most modest pocket. It will be seen that the two-port Sports engine is of the most up-to-date design, with enclosed overhead roller bearing rockers and push rods totally enclosed in telescopic tubes. This machine combines the tractability and low riding position of the side valve Model "R/S," with an astonishingly good road performance, which makes it suitable for all sporting purposes.


The general specification is similar to that of the standard Model "R/S" described on page 5, but the following special features are incorporated :—

ENGINE. "Matchless" 2.46 h.p. o.h.v. two-port Sports engine, designed and built in the "Matchless" Factories. Large inclined overhead valves, operated by push rods, and overhead rockers totally enclosed. The rockers are carried on large diameter roller bearings in an aluminium rocker case, while the push rods are enclosed in telescopic tubes held in position by internal springs, so that when tappet adjustment is necessary the bottom portion of either tube can be pushed up with one motion of the hand, to rest on a projecting cylinder an in such a position that the tappet adjustment is immediately accessible. Heavily finned two-port cylinder head of latest design. Aluminium piston with floating gudgeon pin, roller big end bearing, and all latest features. Bore, 62.5 m.m. Stroke, 80 m.m. Capacity, 246 cc.. Maximum power, approximately 11 B.H.P.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. Two large diameter exhaust pipes, terminating in large silencers of graceful appearance, with large detachable fishtails

STEERING DAMPER. A "Matchless" steering damper, which is adjustable by means of a neat finger-grooved ebonite knob above the handlebar, is included in the specification.

TANK. The famous Black and White tank holds petrol only, having a capacity of 15 pints. A separate oil tank, with a capacity of 3 pints, is mounted on the saddle tube.

LUBRICATION. By Pilgrim mechanical pump with incorporated sight feed glass; oil supply instantly adjustable while riding.

WEIGHT. 220 lbs.

Finished in black, with white panels, usual parts heavily nickel-plated. Supplied complete with full kit of tools, tyre pump, grease gun, and instruction book.

Matchless Catalogue 1929