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Matchless 990cc Model X 1929

Matchless 1929

MODEL "X" 9.9 H.P. SOLO.

This entirely new Mode! is a worthy successor to famous "Matchless" big twins of the past. The well-tried Model "M/3" 9.9 h.p. "Matchless" twin engine has been incorporated in a frame of the most modern type, giving an exceptionally low saddle position and perfect steering qualities, and made distinctive by the famous Black and White "Matchless" tank. Offered at an extremely reasonable price, and incorporating in the specification every feature which can possibly be considered as advantageous to the rider, the Model "X " must appeal with tremendous force to those experienced motor-cyclists who know that for solo or sidecar work there is no better motto than "The big machine for the big job."

In addition to the standard Model "X," there is available the Model "X/R," which is fitted with the high compression Sports engine, with nickel-plated cylinders, well known to experienced riders as the power unit of the "Matchless"Model "M/3S" of previous seasons.


ENGINE. "Matchless" 50° V-twin engine, 9.9 h.p. Aluminium pistons with floating gudgeon pins, roller big ends, 3-cam timing gear, and all other latest features.

The Model "X/R " is fitted with high compression Sports engine, with nickel-plated cylinders.

GEAR-BOX. Heavyweight "Sturmey-Archer" 3-speed gear-box, with kickstarter.

CLUTCH. Latest type four-plate friction clutch, with "Matchless" patent friction controlled transmission shock absorber.

GEAR CONTROL. Carried on special frame bracket alongside tank.

LUBRICATION. Engine, by mechanical oil pump, with sight feed glass. Cycle parts by grease gun.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. Two large diameter nickel-plated exhaust pipes, terminating in two nickel-plated silencers with large detachable fishtails.

STANDS. To both wheels, "Matchless " patent spring-up stand at rear.

TANKS. Pressed steel saddle tank, with white cellulose panels, as described on page 5. Separate oil tank below saddle.

Petrol, 2 gallons; oil, 3 pints.

KNEEGRIPS. Standard.

FRAME. "Matchless" trussed frame, with duplex torque stays,

FORKS, New design "Matchless" forks, incorporating progressive action spring, and special adjustable shock absorbers.

BRAKES. "Matchless" 8" brakes on both wheels. Rear brake foot operated; front brake hand operated on Model "X," but foot operated on Model "X/R."

FOOTRESTS, Large rubber footrests fitted as standard. On Model "X " folding footboards can be fitted if desired without extra charge.

SADDLE. Lycett "Aero" Spring Seat Saddle. Height from ground, 26".

WHEELS. Built with heavy gauge spokes and carried on taper roller bearing hubs.

TYRES. Latest type Palmer Flexicord, 26" x 3.50".

STEERING DAMPER. "Matchless" adjustable steering damper, built in at bottom of steering head, with control knob above centre of handlebars.

HANDLEBARS. Sports handlebars, as illustrated, fitted as standard, but touring handlebars as shown on page 17 may be had at option. If folding footboards are specified, upturned

American-type handlebars may also be had if desired.

Matchless Catalogue 1929