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Matchless 1929 RS 250

Matchless 1929

MODEL "R/S" SOLO, 2.46 H.P.

Although the smallest of the "Matchless" range, the Model "R/S" has ample power for solo or pillion riding on any roads, is graceful and attractive in appearance, steers perfectly, and, above all, possesses in full measure "Matchless" reliability. Improvements for the 1929 season include improved spring fork shock absorbers, instantly adjustable while the machine is in motion, and powerful brakes, which can be adjusted by a turn of the fingers without the use of tools.


ENGINE. "Matchless" 2.46 h.p., high efficiency four-stroke.

GEAR-BOX. Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, with kickstarter.

CLUTCH. Latest type dryplate, hand control.

TRANSMISSION. By chain throughout.

LUBRICATION. Engine, by mechanical oil pump, with tell-tale indicator. Cycle parts by Tecalemit grease gun.

CARBURETTER. Two-lever semi-automatic, with pilot jet.

IGNITION. High-tension magneto, driven by enclosed and automatically lubricated chain, and protected by large shield.

SILENCER. "Matchless" improved design, with fishtail.

STANDS. "Matchless" patent spring-up stand to rear wheel.

Strong stand to front wheel.

TANK. Large and handsome pressed steel saddle tank, with welded seams throughout, and fitted with large quick action filler caps. Stove enamelled black, with white cellulose enamel panel and gold "Matchless" transfer on each side, and nickel-plated centre strip on top. Three-point suspended on rubber buffers.

FRAME. Special "Matchless" design, giving a saddle position only from the ground, and a remarkably comfortable riding position.

SPRING FORKS. Latest type "Matchless," with progressive action spring and improved frictional shock absorbers, instantly adjustable by neat ebonite hand wheel in front of handlebar.

BRAKES. Large internal expanding brakes on both wheels, with finger adjustment.

HANDLEBARS. Adjustable for angle, and fitted with rubber grips. Sports or semi-sports types at option.

SADDLE. "Lycett" Aero Spring Seat.

WHEELS. Built with heavy gauge spokes on steel hubs, with

Timken roller bearings.

TYRES. 25" x 2.75" Palmer Flexicord.

CARRIER. Large tubular luggage carrier, with two pannier tool-bags.

MUDGUARDS. Large domed guards front and rear.

FOOTRESTS. Rubber covered.

Finished in black, with white tank panels, usual parts heavily nickel-plated, and supplied complete with full kit of toots, grease gun, tyre pump, and instruction book.

Bore, 62.5 m.m. Stroke, 80 m.m. Capacity, 246 c.c.

Gear ratios, 6.1, 9.4, and 16.8 to 1.

Overall length, 6' 6". Overall width, 2' 8".

Petrol consumption, 125 m.p.g. Approximate speed, 50 m.p.h.

Tank capacity: Petrol, 1¾ gallons; oil, 2 pints.

Saddle height, 25½".

Matchless Catalogue 1929