German Motorcycles

NSU 201T & 201TS

The unit construction 201 TS shared its engine with the 201 T, both displacing 199cc. The TS, introduced for the 1930 model season, featured more up to date styling characterized by a saddle tank. The sidevalve engine had a stated output of 4.5 h.p. giving a top speed of 65 Km/h, and was fitted with electric lighting and a rear carrier.

Almost 13,000 201T and 201TS machines were manufactured. The T model was available for the 1929/1930 season only.

NSU 201 TS
Engine: single cylinder 4-stroke
Displacement: 199 cc
Power: 4.5 hp
Maximum speed: 65 km/h
Series: 1930-1934
Production: 12,902

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