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NSU 501T & 501TS 500cc Motorcycles

NSU 501T 1927-1929

A popular sidecar mount, the NSU 501T motorcycle was one of several touring models introduced in the late twenties, the others being the 249cc 251T of 1928, the 199cc 201T, and the 301T. The 501T was presented with a flat tank and the TS model (Touring Satteltank) was offered in 1930. It was joined by the OHV 501S (1930-1936, @1000 built) and the 601TS (1930-1939).

Displacement: 494 c.c.
Engine: single-cylinder, four stroke, side valve, 11hp
Transmission: 4 speed, chain drive
Suspension: girder front fork, rigid rear.
Early versions used a Pallas carburettor, later AMAC.
Late model 501T had nickel plated rims and tank panels.
Production Figures: 13,605

NSU 501TS 1930-1936

19" tyres, saddle tank, max speed 100 km/h

Sources: New Zealand Classic Motorcycles, et al