BSA 1944 M20, Drab Green

1944 BSA WM20 500cc Army Motorcycle.

Rigid with Girder Forks.
With Army accessories: Sump guard, black-out lamp, side stand, etc
Frame number WM20 110717
Engine number YM20 B 03492
In good running order. No docs.

After WW2 there was a shortage of new cars and motorcycles for sale. Most were exported to help with foreign exchange so Great Britain could repay its massive war debts to the USA ñ which led to the end of the British Empire. Many decommissioned M20's became
everyday transport.

This 1944 machine seems to have survived intact, and is ready to see service again as an everyday hack or machine for taking to summer shows and local events. You can see its numbers for yourself, which confirm its authenticity.


BSA Model M20

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