Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph 1914 Baby Headlight

1914 Baby Triumph
Specs: 225cc two stroke, chain-cum-belt (belt final drive), 64 x 70 mm, 2 speed, 40mph, 80 mpg.

The Baby Triumph is a scaled down version of the the Model H range with a correspondingly smaller engine and gearbox. The story goes that Mr Schulte, the managing director of Triumph, originally had it made for his 14 year old daughter Murie as the larger Model H was to much for her.

The gearbox is the size of a cricket ball which gives a reduction in first and direct drive in top. No clutch is fitted, nor has it pedals, which explains the characteristic waddle start associated with these machines. The Baby continued in production until 1922, by which time it had been renamed the Junior and was fitted with a clutch.

Photographed at Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum, New Zealand