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Triumph Model H Combination 1915

1915 Triumph Model H with wicker sidecar
FRAME. 266508, ENG 41881 YTM

GENTLEMENíS FOLLY. This Triumph is a truly remarkable example of what was being produced out of Birmingham during the grim years of the Great War. It is also one of the most extraordinary restoration projects one is likely to see. Recommissioned by Phil Aubert Bedard, every aspect of the 550cc Model H is correct in both function and form. The level of detail in both methodology in materials earned Phil Aubert Bedard 1st place for the Most Credible Restoration, an acknowledgement never given lightly by the New Zealand Vintage Club. As an example of Mr Bedardsí commitment to this period of design, it took four attempts to recreate the wicker side chair correctly. Using traditional methods, the side chair was hand crafted by eye and used no metal framing to ensure minimum weight and trueness to the original design. With the culmination of over 40 years of experience, the finish and absolute correctness of this machine places it and its restorer among the very best. The sheer elegance of this machine is a gorgeous reminder of the precision and good natured ambition of the people of the day. This must have also been in stark contrast to the gruesome demands of the Great War.
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ

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