Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph 1930 NSD Combination

1930 Triumph
ENG. G2402 DGT

ONE OF THE LAST. NSD stands for New Spring Drive (refer Lot 52 1921 Triumph Model SD) but apart from its engine capacity it really had no relationship to the Model SD of 1920ñ1927 which was an all-chain-drive version of the Model H (refer lot 51, 1915 Triumph Model H with combo). The rare inclined/sloper engine and saddle tank immediately positioned the NSD as a modern machine. Assembled at the Triumph factory in Coventry in August 1930, this machine was one of fewer than 2,000 NSD units ever built. Because of the Wall Street Crash, sales were extremely slow and this particular example was sold in 1931. It is, therefore, more accurate to describe this machine as a 1930-built 1931 model. This example is remarkably original and is believed to be one of fewer than 17 left in existence. Spring Drive was a device to reduce the snatch in the chain drive which had previously been taken up by the belt of the Model H.

Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ