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Triumph 1936 5-1 550cc Outfit

Vintage Val Page 1936 Triumph 5/1 550cc side-valve Single motorcycle and sidecar
Hand Change Gears

1936 Val Page Triumph 550cc Side Valve Single motorcycle with Sidecar.

It is the economy model with plain tank and hand change gears. I have owned the bike since the late 1960's. It was fully restored in 2000 and registered for the road, but little use in the past 10 years.
Can be seen running here.


Storage has taken some of the shine off it and the close-ups are taken in full sunlight to show warts and all. (I'm having trouble with the enlarge function active on ebay but can email pictures if wanted).

Easy start with valve lifter and reconditioned magneto. It has Great Spark, but the Generator has poor output but will run the light at high revs without battery.
Needs 6 volt battery -$50-$60.and retaining strap. All lights functional. With sidecar gearing, top speed 75kph.
The Fly wheel has a missing tooth and every now and again it will line up with the kick start. Bit of a nuisance but just pop it in to gear and rock the bike to move the tooth out of the way. See the Video. And yes, it leaks oil.

Although there are bound to be more, I believe there are 16 known examples of the 5/1 models internationally and in general the Val Page Triumph series are increasingly hard to come by.

(PS When it was restored in 2000 we thought it was a 6S - with the help of the internet we have discovered it was a 5/1).

The side car is rebuilt over an original frame and is in good condition excepting a mice invasion in storage, ( a bit on the nose) and the chrome on the rear bumper bar has bubbled, see photo.

The machine is for sale on Ebay AU May 2013

Val Page
He left Ariel in 1932 to become Chief Designer at rival motorcycle producers Triumph Motorcycles where he developed the model 6/1 vertical twin (Triumph's first), and a range of singles, including a 150cc two-stroke and 250, 350 and 500cc four-stroke