Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph 1955 Speed Twin


Triumph Speed Twin

The "Speed Twin" originated the modern trend to the vertical twin and its effortless performance ensures its continued popularity. Over seventy police forces in all parts of the world ride Triumph "Speed Twins" - sure proof of fine quality.


WHEELS. Triumph design, with heavy duty dull-plated spokes and chromium- plated rims. Dunlop tyres.


Triumph pioneered A.C. Lighting-Ignition unit with emergency start circuit. Wide angle rear stop light. Powerful Lucas 7-in. built-in headlamp with combined reflector/front lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim. Separate parking light.

TOOLBOX. Combined with the oil tank, air cleaner and battery container in a streamlined "one piece" unit. Complete set of good quality tools and grease gun.

MUDGUARDS. Efficient "D" shaped guards with central rib. Rear guard heavily valanced.

NACELLE (patented). Neat streamline shell integral with top of forks, enclosing headlamp, instruments and switchgear. All instruments rubber mounted and internally illuminated.

SPEEDOMETER. Smiths 120 m.p.h, (or 180 km.p.h.) chronometric type with r.p.m. scale, internal illumination and trip recorder.

OTHER DETAILS. Finish : 5T Amaranth Red ; 6T Polychromatic Blue; quick-action, adjustable twist grip; integral horn push ; rubber knee grips; tank parcel grid.