Triumph Motorcycles

1961 Triumph Tiger Cub

1961 Triumph Tiger Cub

Estimate: (£) 2,000 - 3,000

Reg Number:JSK 567
Frame Number:T79062
Engine Number:T2063195
Body Colour:Maroon / Silver

Triumph's little Tiger Cub was produced in many forms all based on the first 1954 T20 model which in turn was a development of the original T15 Terrier, much sought after today, as are most of the versions made at the Meriden works in the heyday of the Great British Motorcycle Industry. Finally finishing up in the mid-sixties as a Bantam/Tiger Cub hybrid after the firm, by now amalgamated with BSA, ran out of Cub frames and the D10 Bantam unit was utilized to produce the Bantam Cub. Cubs were still available new from dealers after 1970 in the even more Bantam styled but confusingly named Super Cub form. Although derided by the Triumph diehards, this was probably the best Cub made, having the, by then, well developed Triumph engine unit installed in the better handling frame and cycle parts, with bigger wheels and better brakes of its BSA cousin.

The Tiger Cub available here today is a T20SL Sports Cub version from 1961, always one of the most popular models in the whole range, even more so nowadays amongst many who were young in that era and lusted after the mini-bonnie when it was way beyond their then limited means. Not much is known of the early history of JSK 567 at present but the current owner reports it to have been comprehensively restored in recent years and the superb condition in which it is presented confirms this. Substantially correct apart from some modern updates, most obvious of which is fitment of a concentric carburettor, rather than the original monobloc, to the slightly earlier T20 engine. Tiger Cub values have rocketed in recent years and this bike, being entered at a very reasonable estimate, could perhaps enable one of those 1960's teenagers to realise a lifelong ambition to own one.
Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions