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Triumph 1968 T120R Bonneville - US Catalog


Triumph 1968 Bonneville

T120R When they name the World's Most Admired Motorcycle, the T120R will come away with all honors. Bonneville has the look, the feel and the ride you'd expect from a motorcycle that has no equal. And a twin 650 engine that's as famous as the bike itself. For 1968, Bonneville tops all past achievements for performance on two wheels. New bolder response. Quick, all-weather starting. New brakes with amazing stopping power. And the new safety features that are standard for Triumph this year.

For those who demand the ultimate from a high performance motorcycle, Bonneville is the only choice to make.

650 c.c. (40 cu in.)

OHV vertical twin.

Dual carburetors. Speedometer: 150 m.p.h.

Tachometer: 10,000 r.p.m Color: Now Hi-Fi Scarlet with center silver stripe.

Polished stainless steel fenders.

New full-width 8" twin leading shoe with race-type air scoop. On all 650 twins.