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Triumph 1968 - Daytona 200



98.227m.p.h. New Record for Nixon - 7 of First 12 Riders on TRIUMPHS

The Title Passes to the New Track Champ

The New National No-1! Piling win upon win in a relentless race to the top, Triumph star Gary Nixon - from Baltimore - moves into motorcycling's No. 1 slot with his September successes. What a year it's been for Triumph! In March, an unforgettable sweep of the Daytona classic, with Nixon nabbing the crown at a now 98.227 high. Then Loudon-Laconia, and it's Nixon again at the top. And he clinched the championship in the 9 mile National Dirt Track. Oklahoma City.

Throughout 1967, Triumph seals the label of undisputed king of racing with its thrilling string of successes... ultimate proof that Triumph is the motorcycle to own when you insist on the best.

Daytona in March, '67 Gary Nixon cracks the time barrier in motorcycling's main event.
Image kindly supplied by Motos-Anglaises