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1969 Triumph Trophy TR6C

Odometer: 4069
Engine Number: KD59961 TR6C Frame Number: KD59961 TR6C
$18,000 - $20,000

The TR6 Trophy was produced from 1956 to 1973 and was a successful model, particularly in the US. The competition variant, popularly known as the ‘desert sled’, won numerous competitions. Of course, the bike’s appearance in The Great Escape and Steve McQueen’s fondness for the model are well known. Throatie poser delivery and relatively versatile handling ensure the Tiger’s success to the extent that Triumph relaunched the brand which remains very popular. This Mike Doon restoration was completed in August 2006 and is to 100 per cent original specifications: Grade 1/zero miles since restoration.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ

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