Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph X75 Hurricane 1973

1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane ENG. V75V NH00673 FRAME.V75V NH00673. MILEAGE 13523

Putting the evocative name aside, the X75 Hurricane is, without question, one of the coolest pieces of industrial design to have been created under any corporate banner. Unveiled in November of 1972, the Hurricane had been commissioned in secrecy by a slightly tripped-out BSA executive in the USA, Dan Brown. Craig Vetter, a young bike stylist at the time, was contacted and duly went about his business of creating one of the most distinctive machines of the 1970sí period. Fluid surf lines capture the deep orange flow on the bike. The flared chrome pipes accentuate and salute the tripleís hi-revving tune. The Hurricane was put into production in June 1972 but, as BSA was in its death throes, the tank badge was changed to Triumph. Vetter was paid $12,000 for his design but had a difficult time collecting his payment. Fewer than 1,183 engines were put aside for X75 production but nobody is sure of the total number of machines finally produced.

Offering original patina, this example was last registered in 1989.

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