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Bonneville Silver Jubilee Limited Edition


Presenting The Bonneville Silver Jubilee Limited Edition.

Bonneville. The motorcycle that made histoy. Now its creators -Triumph of Great Britain- celebrate one of today's greatest events with the announcement of the Bonneville Silver Jubilee Limited Edition. Only 1,000 specially customed Bonnevilles will be offered in America. Our way of honoring the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Each Jubilee is hand-crafted in a striking combination of silver and chrome accented with red, white and blue striping. A most distinctive seat compliments* the styling. Certainly a motorcycle like no other on the road.

Specially designed commemorative badges are mounted on the tank and side panels. And each buyer receives his own personal certification of ownerchip. We invite vou to be one in a thousand.

* [sic]

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