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Triumph 1983 TSX

1983 Triumph TSX 750ENG. SCMO31877 FRAME. SCM031877. MILEAGE.10

This is a brand-new example of the now-famous TSX 750 of which only 371 were produced (100 for the US, 200 for the UK and 71 for the rest of the world). Essentially a restyled Triumph Bonneville, the TSX was distinguished by its lowered chassis and 16-inch-diameter rear wheel, with the engine offset in the frame to accommodate this. Other changes unique to the model included a stepped seat, black-coated engine casings and engine with polished fins, restyled passenger grab rail, shortened front and rear painted mudguards (the latter having a black plastic mount for the vehicle number plate), mirror-polished alloy, short megaphone mufflers, Morris alloy wheels (then made by Performance Machine) and ëretroí graphics. Paioli rear suspension units, with plastic top shrouds, were sited at a more acute angle further back on the swinging arm to lower the seat height. A Brembo rear brake was fitted in place of the usual Automotive Products (AP) Lockheed item, which remained at the front.

All in all, the TSX was a well-supplied piece of kit for the day and one that now captures a unique and defiant period of Triumph history.

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