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Blackburne Motorcycles and Engines

A Brief History of Blackburne

Blackburne engineers Cecil and Alec Burney built complete motorcycles and proprietory engines which were used in numerous English and Continental machines including:

Thomas Gillett was the founder of Burney & Blackburne.

The Blackburne factory was in Tongham near Farnham, Surrey.

Between 1923 and 1930, riders Norris, Beart and Jackson obtained considerable success with Blackburne KMA, KMB (racing engine) and KMC (sports engine) powered machines. (source)

The Burney motorcycle is related.

Blackburne Engines

Blackburne V-twins were built possibly as early as 1913 and until at least 1922. Singles were built until at least 1931.

Engine types - M, B, L, D, C, E, F, R, H, TB, V & Z.
1922 singles: 2 ¾ h.p., 2 ¾ h.p., 4 h.p. and the 4 ¼ h.p.
1922 60° V-twins: 695cc, 998cc 1098cc - the larger engines were for cyclecars
1928 350cc SV, 500cc SV
1929 Engines: 500SV Types FK, FKA, FKB. 600cc SV type FL.
1931 Engines: 175cc SV, 200cc SV, 250cc SV, 350cc SV

Blackburne singles were sold to the Italian Veros company with their name on the castings c1920-1925.


H.P. Type Bore Stroke C.C.
2 1/4
Side Valve Air Cooled 60 88 250
2 1/4 Overhead Valve Air Cooled 60 88 250
2 3/4 Side Valve Air Cooled 71 88 350
2 3/4 Overhead Valve Air Cooled 71 88 350
4 1/4 Side Valve Air Cooled 85 96-8 550
H.P. Type Bore Stroke C.C.
5/6 Side Valve Air Cooled 71 88 700
5/6 Overhead Valve Air Cooled 71 88 700
8 Side Valve Air Cooled 85 88 1000
10 Side Valve Air Cooled 85 96.8 1100
10 Side Valve Water Cooled 85 96.8 1100

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Graham of NSW writes:
Hello, can anyone identify the year and size of my small Blackburne motor so I can find out what motorcycle it is from. Engine number OCA777, Lucas MA1 magneto with advance / retard, Villiers carburetor with air cleaner (possibly incorrect). 2 photos attached. Many thanks.

Thu, 22 Feb 2018
griphi at

I search: cylinder and rocker top inlet for Blackburne engine N° CVA2734. Motorcycle : Magnat Debon BOSSC2. I'm french and dont speak english perfectly !
grimaud philippe
07290 ARDOIX France

    Magnat-Debon-1930c-BOSSC2-Engine-GrP.jpg posted to Comments, above.

Tue Oct 18 2016
T.Rosch at
Blackburne 350ccm SV
Blackburne 1928 ?
Who knows something about this Motor?
What a Carburettor ist the right Thing for the Motor?

May be for sale.

Thomas, Germany

Sun Jan 18 2015
baufink at
Blackburne HP 8
Who knows something about this engines?

Thu Nov 13 2014
africaclassics at
blackburne 350 engine year?
blackburne 350cc by stroke and bore
No engine no only ss and casting numbers cj 995, ohv
South Africa

Tue Apr 08 2014
ing.gagliardi at
I find head for this engine
Blackburn 350 cc
I find head for this engine. I think it is a 350 cc engine blackburn, but I'm not sure. Can you help me?
Perugia, Italy

Wed Sep 04 2013
Blackburne Ner a Car B
Can you please tell me if this piston is Ner a Car?Hepolite no. 4814...

Mon Oct 01 2012
Engine GGD
Hello, I just bought an old bike with a Blackburn engine. Typ GGD. Who can give me more informatios about. Thanks

Wed Jun 02 2010
Tileman17<at>msn dot com
Model and Price
Blackburne Not Sure
I am not sure what year and model this Blackburne engine is. I also am curious what the value is on this engine?
Columbus, Ohio

Wed Apr 28 2010
lisa.cutler1<at>btinternet dot com

I have inherited this engine from my father. I would like to know its value.

Thu Oct 23 2008
mat.435 at hotmail dot com
blackburn motor ohv 350cc twinport
ihave parts for blackburn 350 ohv cylinder and top searching a bottom with outside balancewheel

Wed May 23 2007
350cc Blackburne OHV
Magnat Debon
I am looking for a 350 cc Blackburn OHV arround 1926 to buy...

Tue Mar 06 2007
norman.ratcliffe at ntlworld dot com
I think these engines were made in Tongham, Surrey and my old grand father worked there?

Fri Dec 08 2006
peter at
Blackburne M/C

I have just bought a Blakburne M/c in pieces I am told it is 1919 but I know nothing of these bikes. If you have any info on these bikes I would please cover any costs etc. Peter
East Sussex

Sun Aug 27 2006
tascili at
Burney Blackburne

I'm doing a bit of research on my grandad who used to work at Burney Blackburne. Is the company still in existance? Where can I find out more about this company?

Sun May 07 2006
rmorris761 at
Blackburne Motorcycle
1921 - single
Today I ran across a 1921 Blackburne, equipped with a Corvette sidecar for sale. I had never heard of a Blackburne before. Is there a place that information on these is available?
It was on display next to a stop on a poker run I was on. It was in West Point, NE outside of Peterson's Autobody. I guess they restore old cars there and did so for the owner of the
Blackburne. The guy from Peterson's said the owner wanted $21,000 for it.
Nebraska, USA

Mon Feb 20 2006
Rudipeters at
Blackburne, Motor
Dieser Motor soll wieder laufen. Leider ist nichts uber die Herkunft bekannt. Bitte helft uns wenn jemand diesen Motor kennt. Blackburne, Nr.:JB117
nuhe Hamburg

Translation: This motor should run again. Unfortunately is nothing confessed over the origin. Please helps us if someone knows this motor. Blackburne, Nr.:JB117 sews Hamburg

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