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Triumph 1968 650cc Models

1968 Bonneville

Triumph 1968 Trophy Sports

TR6R A bike that turns you on and keeps you there. The long-range Triumph, forged in the mold of the T120R. Has single carburetor simplicity, touring-size gas took for longer runs, tank mounted parcel carrier plus all improvements developed by Triumph for 1968 including safety side reflectors both center and aft. A thoroughbred performer on the long stretch and a versatile, around-town bike for everyday riding.

650 c.c. (40 cu, in.)

OHV vertical twin.

Single carburetor. Speedometer: 150 m.p.h. Tachometer: 10,000 r.p.m.

Color: New two-tone Hi Fi Riviera Blue and Silver.

Easy to read instrumentation with new toggle-type headlight switch, tachometer-speedometer. On T120R, TR6R T100R.

Triumph 1968 Trophy Special

TR6C Born to handle under pressure, Triumph's 650 Special is the most powerful competition machine in the line. Famed as the "Desert Bike" for its string of cross country wins in the West, the Special packs 384 pounds of steel and fire on a lean, muscular frame, A strictly uncluttered motorcycle with many of the durable virtues of Triumph's single carb TR6R.

650 c.c. (40 cu. in,)

OHV vertical twin.

Single carburetor. Speedometer: 150 m.p.h. Color: New Hi-Fi Riviera Blue with center silver stripe.

Polished stainless steel fenders.

Rugged new side stand for better support on difficult angles and surfaces. On all 650 twins.

650c.c. Specifications

ENGINE - 40 cu. in. (650 c.c.) O.H.V. Vertical Twin. - Splayed port alloy cylinder head with twin 30 mm diameter AMAL concentric carburetors. - Single carburetor on TR6 models. - Removable air cleaners for easier servicing. - 9:1 High compression pistons, racing "R" tappets, large inlet and exhaust valves with improved valve springs for better performance at high r.p.m. - New separate point adjustments for accurate ignition timing and provisions for strobe light timing. - Large capacity rubber mounted oil tank (3 qts.)

FOUR-SPEED GEARBOX - Built-in unit with engine. Standard ratio gears. - Shafts and gears of hardened nickel and nickel chrome steel. - Needle roller layshaft bearings. - Positive stop gearchange mechanism. Multiplate clutch with indestructible linings and rubber torsion shock absorber. - Easily accessible oil filler and level plugs.

EXHAUST - Twin downswept chrome plated exhaust system with high performance sports mufflers on T120R and TR6R. - Twin upswept exhaust and sports mufflers on TR6C.

FRAME - Brazed cradle type frame with large diameter front down tube and swinging arm suspension. - "Easylift" center stand and new rugged side stand. Side stand only on TR6G. - Anti theft lock.

FORKS - Triumph Trophy type telescopic hydraulic forks with new internal "shuttle valve" design gives excellent suspension under all conditions.

BRAKES - New full-width 8" diameter front brake with twin leading brake shoe design and racing air scoop. - 7" diameter rear brake with detachable sprocket.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT - 12 volt battery ignition electrical system with improved 12 volt battery. - Electrical output supplied from AC Alternator crankshaft mounted. - Charging rate controlled by new Zener Diode voltage control. - All chrome detachable headlamp with ammeter, "ignition" and "high beam" indicator lights. - Wide angle tail/stop light with safety side reflectors. - Horn is standard equipment.

OTHER DETAILS - Illuminated 10,000 r.p.m. Tachometer and 150 m.p.h. Speedometer with odometer. Speedometer only on TR6C. - Slim modern sports gas tank (2½ gal, capacity). (3½ gal. on TR6R). - New side panel battery cover with built-in tool kit tray. Two-level hinged twin seat. Folding passenger foot rests. Competition type adjustable clutch and brake levers.

COLOR - T120R - Hi-Fi Scarlet and Silver. TR6 - Hi-Fi Riviera Blue and Silver.