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BSA 1925 3.5 Hp

BSA 1925 3.5 Hp
Manufacturer: Birmingham Small Arms Co, England
Specs: 498cc, 85mm x 88mm

This motorcycle was first purchased by the late William Randall of Green Island, Dunedin. It remained in his possession unitl his death in 1988 when it passed to his brother Frederick Randall, who died in 1998.

It was last registered in 1950. However, Mr Randall was an engineer and it recieved the necessary regular attention over the years.

This is a 3.49 Hp machine in orginal contition complete with the origianl carbide lamp and generator but at present lighing is from a dynamo. The BSA tools are in the leather pouch in the tool box, the hand pump is in its bracket on the tank. All levers and controls are working smoothly. The tyres are pumped up but would require replacement for road running. Teh machine has no damage and only surface rusting shows on the carrier supports and the bracket supporting the back mudguard. The front brake has been disassembled at some time but the shoe and mounting bracket are there although the cable and hand lever is missing. Apart from a light dusting the machine is as it came from the owner's garage.

Photographed at Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum

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