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BSA Gold Star 1957

1957 BSA Goldstar
For many, the Goldie is one of the great race bikes of the 20th century. It originated from the legendary Brooklands Circuit in 1937 where the great Wal Handley piloted a specially prepared Empire Star which secured a 100mph lap as it made its way to a debut race victory where it was awarded the Gold Star; this christened BSAís new super-sport machine. Released to a hungry privateersí scene in 1938, the Gold Star was adopted by any rider who had serious competitive ambition. Progressively developed by both the factory and the intrepid amateur, the Goldie gained cult status. Legendary dirt-bike pioneer Bill Nicholson brought his handling sensibilities to the bike in 1952 with the introduction of the much-improved geometry of the Duplex frame which remained competitive until the factory pulled the pin on the much-loved Gold Star.

This example has particular appeal due to its very honest patina that reflects a period of privateersí racing that has long since disappeared.

Courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ

BSA Gold Star

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