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BSA 1961 A10 Super Rocket

1961 BSA Super Rocket A10 ENG. DA10R3295 FRAME CORRECT

The Super Rocket is widely considered to be one of the most desirable British classics. It represents a pinnacle in the development of the fabulous A10 powerplant that had delivered a wicked sense of speed and control to the pilot of the day. In The Motorcycle Magazine review of the day, it was described simply as a ìfull-blooded sports machineî and, for its time, it was, with the 1961 model offering the new ë357í full race camshaft that delivered greater lift, more dwell and instant valve action that delivered peak performance from the 650cc A10. To reflect the ambitions of the pilot, a new 140mph speedo with a twin-mount tacho was offered. Add to this alloy heads, streamlined inlet ports, racing valve springs, a crankshaft drive supported by special high-duty variable valve springs, oversized inlet valves, a ë357í full-race camshaft, an improved free-flow exhaust system and a 1 5/32 Amal monobloc carburettor with a large-capacity air cleaner and you had a very capable motorcycle. The increased power delivery also required that a new clutch configuration be fitted, having a solid forged centre and bonded linings running on heavy-duty roller bearings. For greater stability at high speed, the frame was improved by making all vital tension points stronger.

Exceptionally fast, with excellent handling, the Super Rocket was aimed squarely at the American market and, in 1961, was priced at US$1,200, which made it the only machine BSA produced that was more expensive than the legendary BSA Gold Star. Over the years, the Rocket has earned its reputation for being one of the most successful motorcycle designs of the 20th century. The Super Rocket was, and remains, one of the great swansongs of the British motorcycle industry. It is widely considered to be one of the true classics.

Precisely rebuilt in 1991, this machine has had less than 500 miles placed on it since then.

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