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1961 BSA DBD34 Gold Star

1961 BSA DBD34 Gold Star

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Estimate: (£) 15,000 - 18,000

Reg Number:351 RKN
Frame Number:CB32-10970
Engine Number:DBD34GS-6403
Body Colour:Silver
MOT ExpiryDate:Aug 2013
The eponymous 'Gold Star' was an award given to all Brooklands machinery capable of lapping the outer banked circuit in excess of the magic 100mph. The name was appropriated smartly by BSA for it's pre-WW2 racing motorcycles, originally based on the 'Empire Star' model, and after the hostilities was to be applied to a range of bikes all of which are now considered icons from the golden age of the GBMI. The ultimate development of the range, designated DBD34GS, in clubman's racer trim with it's clip-ons twin instruments, u/c ratio box and swept back 'twittering' exhaust, is the one most easily recognised, but equally valued by the BSA enthusiast are it's touring and off road model cousins. It is said that there are many more 'Goldies' on the road now than were ever produced at Small Heath, which is no doubt more than a rumour. 13 different versions were produced in the years 1949-63, all based on the ubiquitous B31 and B33 frames, replicas are not difficult to construct and can mislead the unwary. All that glisters sometimes is not gold where Goldies are concerned. Very important then, considering the investment required to acquire one of these beautiful machines, that a 'wrong-un' is identified and a 'right-un' selected.

The 1961 DBD34 here today, with its correct engine suffix GS 6403 and frame number CB32 10970, which fall exactly into the 1961 model year according to factory records, would certainly appear to be in the latter category. Quite magnificently restored in Clubman form and complete with all the right gear, including RRT2 gearbox and Phil Pearson clutch, this bike would grace the most particular enthusiast's collection. 351 RKN is entered at a very reasonable reserve by its owner and the sale estimate reflects the desirability of this lot, which will surely ch

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