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1961 BSA Goldstar Catalina

1961 BSA Goldstar Catalina
Engine Number:DBD34 GS 6558. Frame Number:CB320775
$25,000 - $35,000

Before the Motard

The aluminium-barrel Gold Star was arguably the most successful race bike every built. It won races for over a decade in every discipline... desert, scrambles, motocross, flat-track and road racing. With this, the Catalina, in my opinion, was and remains the most charismatic dirt bike of all time. Offering a full race cam, larger carburettor and a reverse cone exhaust to deliver full power over a wide rev range, the Catalina was more than a handful. Add to this a lightweight frame and high ground clearance and you have one very staunch machine that established first principles for all future high-powered off-road designs. Add to this again, the current custom trends and the advent of the corporate motard class and you can quickly understand the logic of bringing the Catalina to a road-class standard. This reconfigured example offers a wired magneto dyno, battery, lights and street tyres. The engine and transmission have been overhauled over last three years; new crankpin and roller bearings, new pistons and new valves and guides have been added. It has been rebored to 010.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ
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