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BSA Beagle 75cc 1964

The BSA Beagle was only in production for 18 months. They are quite rare now, and the remaining examples to be found are invariably low-mileage examples.

Though influenced by Edward Turner (famous for the Ariel Square Four and Triumph Speed Twin), it had been rushed out by BSA to try and compete in a market they were losing to imports. Italian lightweight motorcycles had excellent reputations and the revolutionary
Honda 4 stroke mopeds had just started to arrive. But, with inherent engine problems, most Beagles soon ended up back in the shops that had sold them. My mechanic worked on them when he first started as an apprentice. He told me that BSA refused to honour the
guarantees, so shops had to bear the costs themselves.

This machine was restored 20 years ago by the previous owner, though he never used it. We fitted new points, coil and condensor, and it was MOTíd a few weeks ago. It starts easily and runs well.

SUMMARY: Overall the bike is excellent, though the paint has crazed in places (you canít see it in the photos).

It is DVLA registered. And I have a big folder with plenty of literature, including 5 BSA Beagle wall charts, receipts from its restoration, old logbook, handbook, manual and parts list (see further down the page).

If the new owner wants it, I also have most of another Beagle for spares. Itís also DVLA registered, with the (transferable) reg KUE 652.

1963-1966 ñ 75cc OHV single cylinder.
4hp ñ 40mph ñ 125mpg ñ weight 145lbs

The Beagle had roller main bearings, geared primary drive and a four speed gearbox, but a weak top end let it down, along with its many oil leaks. Handling was poor, and if worked hard the engines would often give up at well under 10,000 miles.

But these days we rise to the challenge of riding a bike that was a failure in its day. Most cyclemotors suffered from the same essential issue ñ which is that they were not in production for long enough for the various problems to...

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