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1968 BSA Firebird 650

1968 BSA Firebird 650
Odometer: 2506
Engine Number: A65FB3455 Frame Number: A65FB3455
$12,000 - $16,000

Are Go!

First produced in 1968, BSA made only 250 of these Firebirds, almost all of which went to the US with those side-panel decals showing the crossed American and British flags. Highly collectable, the Firebird delivered good lines combined with a convincing powerplant that ensured that Firebird 650 would secure a place in the hearts and minds of any crisp-blooded rider of the day. However, it was expensive, coming in at US$1,360. But the price did reflect the quality of the machine: gaitered fork, double-leading-shoe front brake, 32mm Amal Concentric carburettors, three-gallon fibreglass tank, folding footpegs and 55hp at 6,800rpm which could really push the relatively light (180kg) Firebird around. The general design theme remains highly relevant today and one cannot help but appreciate the clear intent of this machine. Offering matching numbers, the BSA Owners Club dating certificate confirms this machine was dispatched from the factory to Fred Deeley of Vancouver on 19 January 1968. The motor was professionally rebuilt with all new parts, Boyer ignition and re-sleeved carbs; it has all-new bearings, chains and gauges. Recently imported and prepared for sale, this machine is in good running order.

Auction March 2013
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