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1971 BSA A65L Lightning 750

1971 BSA A65L Lightning 750
Odometer: 48887
Engine Number: A65LDE06505 Frame Number: A65LDE06505
$11,000 - $14,000

Who Knew?

One of only 201 built, the A65L is perhaps the rarest BSA design ever created. Targeting the US market, the BSA Lightning was designed as the all-round sport bike. The development team prioritised reliability over top speed which ultimately improved mid-range performance and handling. Nevertheless, with twin carburettors of the A65L, it could still deliver a convincing 175kph. A close-ratio gearbox combined with a high-lift camshaft made for lively acceleration and performance at higher rpm than was possible with the standard A65. A useful feature was an ‘emergency starting’ key position for times when the battery was flat to connect the alternator current directly to the ignition coils. A less-useful improvement was the oil-pressure warning light, which had a tendency to malfunction, so riders learned to ignore it. Ducati seemed to follow this ‘innovation’ into the late 70s! At the time, the Lightning was out of step stylistically; however, the modern lines today seem relevant and successful. This example has had four owners from new. It has also been restored professionally in Canada – offering new tyres, tubes, rims, wheel bearings, wiring, fuel lines, new paint, etc. It has been in museum storage since 2009 and may require freshening.

Auction March 2013
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