Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Thunderbird 650 1954

Triumph Thunderbird

With its tremendous reserve of power, the 650 c.c. "Thunderbird" is the choice of the man who really needs performance. It is at its best when road conditions permit prolonged fast cruising or there is a heavy sidecar to be hauled. Low petrol consumption is a feature of the "Thunderbird".


WHEELS. Triumph design, with heavy duty dull-plated spokes. Dunlop tyres.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Triumph pioneered A.C. lighting-ignition unit with "Emergency Start" circuit. Wide angle rear/stop light. Powerful Lucas 7" built in headlamp with combined reflector Trent lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim. Separate parking light.

TOOLBOX. All steel, large capacity, with quick-release fastener. Complete set of good quality tools and grease gun.

MUDGUARDS. Efficient "D" shaped guards with central rib. Rear guard detachable for rear wheel accessibility.

NACELLE. Neat streamline shell integral with top of forks, encloses headlamp, instruments and switchgear. All instruments rubber mounted and internally illuminated.

SPEEDOMETER. Smiths 120 m.p.h., (or 180 k.p.h.) chronometric type with r.p.m. scale, internal illumination and trip recorder.

OTHER DETAILS. Finish: 5T Amaranth Red, 6T Polychromatic Blue: quick-action adjustable twist grip; integral horn push; rubber knee grips; tank parcel grid.

Headlamp Nacelle. Patent No. 647670.