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Triumph Trophy TR5 1954

Triumph Trophy

In the Triumph "Trophy" model the keen competition rider has a motorcycle tailored to his exact requirements. With a distinguished record in hard fought events in all parts of the world, the "Trophy" is light in weight, easy to handle and completely dependable under the most exacting conditions.


ENGINE. O.H.V. vertical twin cylinder with dir rail alloy head and barrel, two gear-driven camshafts, "H" section RR56 alloy connecting rod,, plain big ends, and central flywheel. Dry sump lubrication, pressure fed big ends and valve gear. Air cleaner. Up swept two-in-one exhaust pipe.

FOUR SPEED GEARBOX. Wide ratio gears, positive footchange, large diameter multi-plate clutch with rubber pad type shock absorber.

FRAME. Short wheelbase competition type frame with ample ground clearance and 70° steering lock. Triumph telescopic forks with hydraulic damping.

FUEL TANKS. All steel welded with quick release caps and accessible filters.

BRAKES. Large diameter cast iron drums, polished front anchor plate, finger adjustment.

MUDGUARDS. Narrow section, wide clearance, aluminium with tubular stay.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Powerful headlamp with quickly detachable harness. Lucas 6 volt 60 watt dynamo, automatic voltage control. Gear driven magneto.

OTHER DETAILS. 120 m.p.h. (or 180 k.p.h.) Smith's Speedometer; well sprung saddle; twist grip with adjustable tension; wide competition handlebars. pillion seat; Shell-Blue sheen and black finish.

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