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Triumph Tiger Cub T20 1954

Triumph Tiger Cub

The "Tiger Cub" answers the demand of the lightweight enthusiast for a high performance model which will more than hold its own in any company, yet at the same time be economical to maintain and run. Beautifully finished in Shell-Blue sheen and glossy black.


ENGINE. 200 c.c. single cylinder O.H.V. with die-cast alloy cylinder head. large dia- meter valves, push rod operated, totally enclosed and positively lubricated. "H" section connecting rod with heavy duty big end. Dry sump lubrication with double plunger type oil pump. Air cleaner,

FOUR SPEED GEARBOX, built in unit with the engine in a polished streamlined casing. Positive Atop footchange. Multi-plate clutch with efficient rubber pad type shock absorber. Polished aluminium primary chaincase. Gear position indicator on nacelle.

FRAME. Specially designed for lightness and strength. Loop type tubular main frame.

SUSPENSION. Soft action telescopic front forks, double plunger type rear suspension.

BRAKES. Large diameter drums, finger adjustment. Smooth and powerful.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. A.C. Lighting. Ignition system with crankshaft mounted alternator. "Emergency Start" circuit. Powerful built-in headlamp.

OTHER DETAILS. Large capacity fuel tanks, Smith's 80 m.p.h. speedometer. Good quality tool kit. Patent headlamp nacelle enclosing speedometer, switchgear, headlamp and electric horn.

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