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Triumph Tiger Cub

Triumph's 200cc Tiger Cub was produced in many forms, all based on the first 1954 T20 model. This was a development of the original T15 Terrier 150cc OHV model which entered the catalogue in 1953.

The last models appeared in the 1968 catalogue in the USA, by which time they were a Bantam/Tiger Cub hybrid after the firm, at the time amalgamated with BSA, ran out of Cub frames and utilized the D10 Bantam to produce the Bantam Cub. Cubs were still available new from dealers after 1970 as the Super Cub, but were little more than rebadged Bantams.

The Super Cub is regarded by some as probably the best of the Cub line, having the well developed Triumph engine unit installed in the superior chassis of the BSA, with better brakes and bigger wheels.

Tiger Cub models

1961 USA models: T20/5 Scrambler Cub 200cc; T20/T Trials and Woods Model Cub, 200cc. T20 Tiger Cub road model. T205/L Road Sports Tiger Cub 200cc.

1961 European models: T20S 200cc, dual seat, no lights or pillion pegs, and the T20S/L

The Tiger Cub appears in catalogues for 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966.

1967 lists the T20/M Mountain Cub and the the Super Cub 200

A 1968 catalogue lists the 1968 Super Cub T20S/C

Tiger Cub and Terrier specifcations

Triumph Tiger Cub 1954

Triumph Tiger Cub 1955

Triumph Terrier T15 150cc OHV 1955

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