Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Tiger Cub T15 & T20 1955

Triumph Tiger Cub

To the sportsman the "Tiger Cub" makes an instant appeal. It is a sporting lightweight designed for brisk performance, with safe easy handling, good brakes and comfortable suspension front and rear. Beautifully finished in shell-blue sheen and glossy black like the other Triumph Tiger 13 models.


BRAKES Large diameter cast iron drums. Exceptionally powerful yet smooth and sate in use.

WHEELS. Special Triumph design with dull-piated spokes and chromium- plated rims- Dunlop tyros. Efficient mudguards front and rear.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. The well-proved A.C. Lighting-Ignition system with crankshaft mounted alternator and emergency start circuit. Large diameter headlamp and powerful rear lamp with combined reflector.

TOOLBOX. All-steel with secure fastener. Complete kit of good quality tools.

NACELLE. Triumph patented design, integral with top of the forks. This neat streamlined shell encLoses the headlamp, instruments and switch-gear. Also includes a gear position indicator.

SPEEDOMETER. Smiths speedometer mounted in nacelle, internally illuminated.

OTHER DETAILS. Finish :    T.15 Amaranth Red ; T.20 Shell-Blue sheen and Black.

Quick action twist grip. Rubber knee grips. Upswept exhaust pipe optional on T.20.