Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph 5T and 6T 1955


ENGINES. 5T 500 c.c. ; 6T 650 c.c. : Vertical twin cylinder

O.H.V, with two gear-driven camshafts. Centra] flywheel. " H " section RR56 alloy connecting rods with patented plain big ends. Dry sump lubrication, high capacity plunger type pump, pressure-fed big ends and valve gear. Oil pressure indicator. Patent air cleaner. Efficient silencers.


Positive stop footchange. Large diameter multi-plate clutch wih Neolangite linings, rubber pad type shock absorber.

FUEL TANKS. All-steel welded tanks with quick-release caps ard accessible filters.

FRAME. Brazed cradle type frame with swinging arm rear suspension with adjustable hydraulic damping.

FORKS. Triumph telescopic forks, hydraulic damping.

BRAKES. Large diameter cast iron drums. Finger adjustment.

WHEELS. Triumph design, with nlated spokes and rims.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Triumph pioneered A.C. Lighting- Ignition system with emergency start circuit. Wide angle rear stop light. Powerful Lucas 7-in. built-in headlamp with combined reflector front lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim,

TOOLBOX. Combined with the oil tank, air cleaner and battery container in a " one piece " unit.

MUDGUARDS. Efficient "D" shaped guards with central rib.

NACELLE (Patented). Neat streamline shell integral with top of forks, enclosing headlamp, rubber- mounted instruments and switch- gear.

SPEEDOMETER. Smiths 120m.p.h. (or ISO km.p.h.) chronometric type with trip recorder.

OTHER DETAILS. Finish : 5T amaranth red ; 6T polychromatic "crystal grey " ; quick-action adjustable twist grip ; rubber knee grips; tank parcel grid.

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