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Triumph Trophy TR5 & TR6 1955

Triumph Trophy

In rugged sporting events in every part of the world, the 500 c.c. Trophy Model (TR5) has earned a wonderful reputation. Designed to be easily adaptable to most forms of motorcycle competition, this year the model is also available with a 650 c.c. engine (TR6), which provides that additional power and speed demanded in the toughest going. TR5 and TR6


ENGINE. TR5 500 c.c. : TR6 650 c.c. O.H.V, high, compression vertical twin with two gear-driven camshafts, " H " section IR56 alloy connecting rods, plain big ends, and central flywheel. Dry sump lubrication, pressure-fed big ends and valve gear, TR5 die-cast alloy head and barrel. TR6 entirely new alloy cylinder head, cast-iron barrel. Air cleaner. Upswept two-in-one exhaust pipe with silencer.

FOUR-SPEED GEARBOX. Positive foot-change, large diameter multi-plate clutch with Neelangite linings and rubber pad type shock absorber.

FRAME. Brazed cradle type frame with swinging arm rear suspension with hydraulic damping adjustable for varying loads,

FORKS. The famous Triumph telescopic pattern with long supple springs and hydraulic damping.

FUEL TANKS. New design petrol tank of reduced width. Ample capacity oil tank. Quick-release caps and accessible filters.

BRAKES. Large diameter cast iron drums, polished front anchor plate, finger adjustment.

WHEELS. Plated spokes and rims; Dunlop Sports tyres optional extra.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Powerful chromium-plated headlamp with quickly detachable harness. Lucas 6 volt 60 watt dynamo, automatic voltage control. Lucas "Wader" type magneto.

OTHER DETAILS. 120 m.p.h, (or 180 km.p.h.) Smiths Speedometer ; competition type Twinseat ; twist grip with adjustable tension ; shell-blue sheen and black finish. Safe type ball-ended clutch and brake levers. TR5 available to "TRIALS" specification.

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