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Triumph Tiger T110 650cc 1954

Triumph Tiger 110

The 650 c.c. Triumph "Tiger 110" offers the enthusiast everything he wants in a sports motorcycle. Up-to-the-minute in every detail of its specification, it combines superb suspension with an engine designed to produce the highest possible power output in a smooth and effortless manner.


BRAKES. Cast iron drums. New large diameter front brake with ventilating scoops and highly polished anchor plate.

WHEELS. Triumph design with dull plated spokes, Dunlop tyres and chromium plated rims. Fully valanced rear mudguard with aide lifting handles. Q.D. rear wheel optional (extra).

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Powerful Lucas 7in. built-in headlamp with combined reflector/front lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim. Separate parking light below. Lucas 6 volt 60 watt dynamo with full ball bearing armature, automatic voltage control and 12 a.h. battery. Wide angle rear/stop light. Gear driven magneto.

NACELLE. Triumph Patent 647670. Neat streamlined shell integral with top of forks, encloses headlamp, instruments and switch gear. All instruments rubber mounted and internally illuminated.

SPEEDOMETER. Smith's 120 m.p.h. (or 180 k.p.h.) chronometric type with r.p.m. scale, internal illumination and trip recorder.

OTHER DETAILS. Complete set of good quality tools and greasegun; new "Two-level" Twinseat, latex foam covered with black waterproof Vynide; tank top parcel grid; Shell-Blue sheen and black finish.

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