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1953 BSA B34GS Gold Star Trials 500cc

Post-war Gold Stars, in both 348cc B32 and 499cc B34 forms, featured new engines with alloy cylinder barrel and head, making it 20 pounds (9kg) lighter than the earlier cast iron B-series singles. They were available with different compression ratios, camshaft profiles, carburettors and exhaust systems, and two different cylinder heads, one for the Trials version and the other for all other models. They were then run on a dynamometer and the test results with power output were shipped with the bike. Besides the different engine specifications available, Gold Stars could be ordered in Touring, Trials, ISDT, Scrambles, Racing or Clubman trim.

New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

The museum formerly at Napier housed an extraordinary collection. It has moved to the home of the World's Fastest Indian.

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