BSA Motorcycles 1920s

Today in Motorcycle History

BSA 1929 A29 De Luxe 174cc

Engine. Single Cylinder 1.74 h.p. Two-stroke, 60 x 61.5 m/m bore and stroke. Roller big end bearing, engine mainshaft mounted on two ball bearings. Air cleaner to carburetter. Flywheel cover.

Gear Box. Three-speed in unit construction with engine, with gate change on tank. Floating dry plate clutch mounted on lay-shaft. . Primary drive by gear ; final drive by roller chain ½in. pitch x .305in. wide.

Silencer. On chainstay, with 1½in. diameter exhaust pipe.

Lubrication. Engine lubrication by petroil. Primary drive gears run in oil.

Frame. Duplex type. Built up of steel tubes with reinforced trapped ends, firmly bolted together. Spring Fork. B.S.A. type, with tension spring and shock absorbers.

Handlebar. Adjustable type, with rubber grips.

Tank. New design saddle type, with knee grips. Capacity 1¾ gallons.

Tyres. 24in.× 2.375in. Dunlop cord, W.O. 25in.× 2.75in. W.O. extra.

Brakes. Two independent brakes, in front and rear wheels, both 5½in. diameter. Rear brake quickly adjustable.

Saddle. Spring seat.

Price £28.