BSA Motorcycles 1920s

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BSA 1929 H29 Deluxe 556cc

Inclined engine

Engine. Single Cylinder 5.57 h.p., 85 x 98 m/m bore and stroke. Double row roller big end bearing, pressure oil fed. Enclosed valves. Inclined cylinder, with efficiently cooled head. Gear-driven magneto at rear of cylinder.

Silencer. Large capacity, with fish tail.

Carburetter. Amac. Flange type fixing.

Lubrication. Oil sump integral with crank case. Capacity. 3 pints. Sub- merged gear pump, visible tell-tale. Surplus oil in crank case returned to sump by scraper acting on flywheels. Oil level gauge. Additional oil tank on seat tube extra.

Transmission. Front chain, ½in.× .305in., enclosed in two-part case. Rear chain, 5/8in.× 3/8in., efficiently protected. Cam-faced cush drive fitted to engine shaft.

Gear Box. Special pivot mounting. A wide ratio gear box can be fitted for sidecar work if specified.

Frame. Duplex cradle frame. Head fitted with B.S.A. steering damper. Detachable carrier. Spring-up rear stand.

Handlebar. Sporting type (reversible) mounted behind steering head, with long rubber grips.

Tank. Saddle type for fuel only. Capacity : 2¼ gallons. Adjustable rubber knee grips fitted.

Tyres. Dunlop Cord, 26in.× 3.25in., W.0., 26in.× 3in. W.O. tyres can be fitted if specified. 27in.× 4in. Balloon tyres, with special front mudguard extra.

Brakes. 7in. diameter, taper roller bearings to both hubs. Rear brake quickly adjustable.

Saddle. Spring seat.

Footboards. Pressed steel, black enamelled, with rubber mats.

Price £55. 15s.

With Lucas No. 420 Acetylene Lamps and No. 63 Bulb Horn £55. 15s.
With Lucas "Magdyno" Set and Lucas No. 60 K.P. Bulb Horn £59. 10s