BSA Motorcycles 1920s

Today in Motorcycle History

BSA 1929 L29 3.49 h.p. 348cc

Engine. Single Cylinder 349 h.p., 72 x 85½ m/m bore and stroke.

Lubrication. Mechanical pump, sight feed on timing case. Hand pump. Oil supplied to primary chain by by-pass valve on sight feed.

Silencer. Large capacity. with fish tail,

Transmission. Front chain ½in.× .305in. Rear chain 5/8in. ¼in. Front enclosed in two part case, and rear efficiently protected. Cam-faced cush drive fitted to engine shaft.

Handlebar. Adjustable. mounted behind steering head Reversible for solo or sidecar use.

Tank. Saddle with knee grips. Capacity: petrol 2 gallons. Oil 3¼ pints.

Tyres. 26in.× 3in. Dunlop Cord, W.O. or 26in.× 3.25in. W.O,. with special front mudguard extra.

Brakes. Front. 5½in. diameter. Rear. 7in. diameter. Taper roller bearing to both hubs. Rear brake quickly adjustable.

Saddle. Spring seat.

Price £43.

With Lucas No. 320 Acetylene Lamps and No. 63 Bulb Horn £44. 12.s 6d.
With Lucas "Magdyno" Set and Lucas No. 60 K.P. Bulb Horn £48. 15s