BSA Motorcycles 1920s

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BSA 1929 G29 985cc V-Twin

BSA 1929 G29 W.T. World Tour 9.86 h.p.

Engine. Twin Cylinder 9-86 h.p., 80 x 98 m/m bore and stroke. Silencer mounted on chainstay.

Lubrication. Mechanical pump, sight feed on tank. Hand pump. Oil supplied to front chain by by-pass valve on timing case.

Transmission. 5/8in.× 3/8in. roller chains, front enclosed, rear efficiently protected. Cam-faced cush drive fitted to engine shaft.

Frame. Exceptionally strong and designed to give ample ground clearance (minimum 5¾in.). Head fitted with B.S.A. steering damper.

Handlebar. Touring. Semi-sporting bars if specified. Both adjustable.

Tank. Capacity : Petrol 2½ gallons. Oil 3 pints.

Wheels. Quickly detachable and interchangeable. Taper roller bearings to hubs.

Tyres. 28in.× 3.5in. Dunlop Cord, W.O. 27in.× 4in. Balloon tyres can be fitted at an extra charge but ground clearance will be reduced.

Brakes. 7in. diameter. Rear brake operated by heel pedal on right.

Saddle. Spring seat, de luxe type.

Price £69.

With Lucas No. 420 Acetylene Lamps and No. 63 Bulb Horn £71.
With Lucas "Magdyno" Set and Lucas No. 60 K.P. Bulb Horn £74. 15s