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G.P. Motorcycles by Guzzi & Parodi

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

G.P. moto d'epoca

Motocicletta, rimasta unico esemplare, costruita da Guzzi e Parodi, da qui la sigla di identificazione, realizzata nel 1919.

La nuova macchina si pone in evidenza per le geniali soluzioni adottate nella costruzione: motore a cilindro orizzontale (rimasta poi una caratteristica delle Moto Guzzi) distribuzione a quattro valvole, frizione a dischi metallici, cambio a tre rapporti, lubrificazione a recupero con serbatoio dell'olio separato.

Conceived by two fighter pilots and an aircraft mechanic during the war years, this motorcycle was built by Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi in 1919.

The machine is notable for the ingenious solutions adopted in construction: shortstroke, single overhead cam, horizontal cylinder engine (which became characteristic of Moto Guzzi), four valve cylinder head, metal clutch discs, three speed gearbox, and recirculating lubrication to a separate oil tank. Only the one machine was built, a prototype with G.P. as the tank insignia, and quite a machine it was. It could do almost 130 km/h, quite outstanding performance for the day.

In 1921 production of Moto Guzzi began.

1. Some sources give 1920 as the date of manufacture. Mick Walker says 1919.
2. There was also a Moto GP built in 1927 by Griffoni and Piccini.

Source: Moto di Lombardia

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