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Moto Guzzi 250 Bialbero 1953


Credit: Thomas Bersy Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Photographed at the 2011 Avignon Motor Festival

Moteur monocylindre 2 ACT

248.2 cm3

Puissance: 28ch à 8.000 tr/min

Poids: 122 Kg

Vitesse: plus de 200 Km/H

La 250 Bialbero apparaît pour la première fois en 1953 même si sa conception est bien antérieure.

De 1953 à 1955, pilotées avec talent notamment par Anderson et Lorenzetti, les 250 Bialbero n'obtiendront jamais le sacre mondial.

L'usine préférera s'orienter vers les catégories supérieures pour obtenir le titre suprême.

DOHC single cylinder 248.2cc engine (68 x 68.4 mm)

Power: 28hp at 8,000 rpm

Weight: 122 Kg

Speed: over 200 km/h

The 250 Bialbero first appeared in 1953, although the design was much earlier, dating back to the 1939 Albatross.

From 1953 to 1955, piloted by the likes of talented Anderson and Lorenzetti, the 250 Bialbero did not achieve a world championship. It did however take the 1953 250cc TT with Fergus Anderson at the helm, and took five of the first six places at the 1955 Monza GP.

The fairing of the Biabero was crafted from sheet magnesium alloy and tested in the Lario factory wind tunnel.

This was one of the last of the 250cc racers - the Guzzi factory decided to contest the higher capacity classes for the supreme title.

Moto Guzzi Bialbero 250 DOHC GP 1953-1955

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