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Moto Guzzi GT17 Military 1936


Moto Guzzi GT 17

Manufactured: 1932-1939
Production: 4810 Units
Engine: Single cylinder horizontal OHV, unit construction, bore and stroke 88 x 82 mm, 498.4cc
Transmission: Three-speed gearbox, multi-disc clutch, primary and final drive by chain.
Tyres: front and rear 3.50 x 19
Length: 1520 mm

The GT17 was the first military motorcycle built at Mandello del Lario. It was produced in single seat and two seater versions, the latter having the fuel tank situated further forwards and higher to allow the rider saddle to be moved forwards allowing room for the pillion and a better centre of gravity.

Used by Italian companies during the Spanish Civil War, some of these machines were equipped with a Breda machine gun operated by the rider of the solo machines. It was also employed by the Milizia della Strada (military traffic police) and saw service in Africa during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War (1935-1936). Courtesy Motos Antigua HD